Welcome to the Marco Invernizzi Bonsai School

The Marco Invernizzi Bonsai School is the first official bonsai school here in Holland. Its unique, innovative and it combines Japanese traditions with Western influence.

The idea for the Marco Bonsai School @ Carlosvandervaart.com was born out of a sense that the level of knowledge and competence of workshop participants was not keeping pace with the higher levels of bonsai in their collections. Marco felt that because in a conventional hands-on workshop the enthusiastís whole focus was on completing the proscribed work on a given piece of material he was not able to pass on as much information as he would like to be able to do. Certainly there was time at the start of most workshops for a general discussion on the participantís trees but once the work began then people were not really able to concentrate on anything than other than completing the tree.

Therefore, in the school sessions although the teaching might at times be based on the practical work that any given piece of material may require, there would be no pressure for that work to be completed in the session but instead might be set as work to be completed at home by the student between school sessions, a bit like homework possibly! This would allow the student to concentrate entirely on absorbing the information imparted by the teacher, taking notes as well for example, if so desired.

Because of the sheer quantity of knowledge and experience that Marco has to give he was always adamant that he needed each school session to be two consecutive days in duration, two times a year, spaced out throughout the twelve months. The course is not to be a conventional curriculum based format but will be based on a variety of themes sometimes of a seasonal nature, sometimes it may be species based but certainly in the beginning it will include a back to basics approach to technique which will ensure that students have a chance to unlearn bad habits and make it easier for Marco to deal with the likely variation in levels of knowledge, ability and experience of the participants.

Prospective students will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire that will help Marco tailor the teaching to their needs. We would stress that we see the school approach as an addition to rather than alternative to the conventional workshop and that together they will lead to enthusiasts gaining a level of technical ability and the knowledge and confidence to deal with most situations that will arise with their trees.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information regarding the schoolís objectives, commitments and costs involved.

For more information carlos@carlosvandervaart.com

Available now: the Ichiban

Images of the MI school sessions
Images of MI workshops