About us

The International association Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe was created by Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Japan in response to the request of Master Hideo Suzuki, who was able to identify the right partners in Europe, to spread the ancient traditions of the Japanese culture regarding bonsai. The association was officially established on November 2000, during the Aki Ten event promoted by Bonsai Club Brixen in Bressanone Italy, which was in the presence of the “casa madre” President Master Tomio Yamada and Master Hideo Suzuki. Only those who share our goals can be part of the association. Given that we occidental people have trouble understanding many of the aspects of bonsai without studying its cultural background, the association will organize some activities concerning not only cultivation techniques, but also the exposition of bonsai and suiseki in a tokonoma as well as the study calligraphy, tea ceremony, ceramics, etc. The association has an educational purpose therefore any form of competition is prohibited.

Sakka Ten

The International meeting moment of the association is the Sakka Ten congress, during with different European Countries members meet up and an exposition of the best plants of the association at International level takes place. Every meeting of the congress occurs in a different country in collaboration with a local Bonsai Club.

For better management the directorate of NBSKE has decided to delegate some branches in other European countries, chosen among effective members. During the National Italian Congress in Albano Terme, in March 2007, the first branch has been created in Holland, the leading member is Carlos van der Vaart. Here we try to create a club of people who believe in the aim of the association and will work hard together hand in hand to make it a success. Every year the club grows in members and we try to get things organised. The first time the NBSKENL presented them selves was in 2007 at the National Congress here Holland. One of our goals is to get the International Sakka Ten organised in Holland in future.

Also have a look at: www.sakkakyookai-e.com & www.sakkaten.com

For more information carlos@carlosvandervaart.com