ICHIBAN : Italian Design – Hand Made in Japan

Ichiban is the new revolutionary bonsai multi-use tool created, designed and tested by Marco Invernizzi and produced by hand by Masakuni in Japan, THE tool maker ! Each Ichiban is handmade and numbered and signed by Masakuni and Marco Invernizzi.

Ichiban had its world launch at the WWBF Congress 2009 in Puerto Rico and sold out in 36 hours!!

The Ichiban combines the genius of Italian Design with the quality of Japanese craftsmanship. Marco Invernizzi joined forces with the Japanese Masakuni Tools Corporation to create the most innovative bonsai tool in decades. The clippers reflect years of Marco thinking about how to make a better bonsai scissors and the metal working know how of Masakuni.

Together they devoleped four different prototypes before releasing this tool for the market! The tool is indeed a multi-porpose tool, with a cutting edge featuring very hard steel; Japanese cutting tools typical temper their cutting tools to Rockwell hardness RC60 and above. Masakuni used three different steels in the tool; the hardened edge, a softer lamination and an even softer but stronger tool steel for the handles. This combination gives the tool surprising capability and the elegance of the tool reflects an innovative and provocative shape and design and comes in the angle of the blades in relation to the handles.

14 Reasons why ICHIBAN will soon be the most widely wanted and diffused Bonsai Tool in the world!
  1. Its innovative ergonomic design helps the bonsaist to assume a healthier and more comfortable back, shoulder and elbow position enabling him to work longer and with less fatigue.
  2. Its effective weight is slightly lower than that of a standard tool on the market but, in one’s hands, its design makes it seems 50 % lighter than any other bonsai tool.
  3. 7 tools are united in the ICHIBAN design, this will enable you to work faster and remain concentrated on your bonsais and at the same time have a much lighter toolbox. Ichiban is: shears for shoots, shears for small branches, shears for large branches and roots, wire cuter, chisel, hammer and pliers.
  4. the two ICHIBAN blades are united by a special rivet of new design, 4 times stronger than a conventional one, enabling you to use its blades to create jin, shari, to bend branches and cut aluminium wire and branches to even 4 mm thick (see instructions)
  5. The two ICHIBAN blades are also 20 % longer than a normal tool, enabling you to have access only with its points where before you didn’t manage to arrive, thus helping you to keep your hands far from the most delicate parts of your bonsai. Even with more intensive use, the blades length will make it practically useless to sharpen them for many years.
  6. ICHIBAN is forged by hand one with the best, most sought-after materials available by these artisan blacksmiths who have made Masakuni world leader in the production of bonsai tools for the last three generations of bonsaits. If maintained in suitable conditions ICHIBAN is guaranteed rustproof. When they purchase ICHIBAN each client will receive free of charge a blade cleaner specially created for ICHIBAN witch will be very useful to remove resin residues from his blades.
  7. The design of the ICHIBAN grip, together with its special rubber coating, will enable bonsaist with large hands, women, nervous people and anyone who cares about the health of his hands to use a bonsai tool without annoying pains in his fingers and without creating hard skin. ICHIBAN is a tool that may be used with the right or left hand and its grip enables you to use it in the opposite direction, with the blades pointing upwards, thus arriving where no other shears have arrived before.
  8. The bonsai tools of different make, besides being mostly produced by the same factory, are identical, making it easy to lose or exchange them unintentionally with those of someone else. ICHIBAN has instead a specially created space on which to engrave, write or mark its unmistakable sign. Therefore, from now on, if someone steals your ICHIBAN it will be because he can’t do without it!
  9. When a normal shears fall, it happens more frequently that the point break, making them unusable. The same points of the ICHIBAN blades have been designed to make them unbreakable and, If ICHIBAN falls, there is 80 % possibility that, due to its weight, the chisel point touches the ground before the thin point. This point sharpened on one side has been designed to rapidly enable the bonsaist to use the shears also as knife or chisel to cut the bark or scratch undesired residues.
  10. ICHIBAN will not tear the pockets of your trousers or the toolbox. Its innovative design will enable you to put it in your pockets even more easily and rapidly than a cowboy’s pistol…
  11. To insert the wire and hold the tool in your hand at the same time isn’t a problem, with ICHIBAN; you need only raise your forearm and open your hand in a second ICHIBAN will turn 180 degrees, leaving thumb, forefinger and middle finger free to apply the wire. Its position, limited weight and diagonal non-pointed blade will enable you to take, bend and apply the aluminium or copper wire in full freedom.
  12. Its wonderful silk-lined wooden box is hand-made by the same craftsman who created the boxes of the artistic objects of the private collection of the Japanese emperor. ICHIBAN is the gift for anyone who wants to improve the quality and pleasure of their work with the bonsai.
  13. Purchasing ICHIBAN you can enter the ICHIBAN CLUB, a site created to communicate all the ICHIBAN owners all over the world and receive useful news, updates and advice from Marco Invernizzi in person.
  14. ICHIBAN isn’t a bonsai tool only for experts; in many years of career Marco Invernizzi has given over one thousand seminars in 5 continents working with bonsaists with the widest range of ability, style, techniques and characteristics. Thinking about all of them, we offer you the greatest, most useful revolution of the world of bonsai in the last 10 years.

ICHIBAN is available now! To order yours, visit www.basics4u.nl