Carlos van der Vaart lives in Holland, he was born in Maassluis, a city near Rotterdam; his appreciation for nature and Japanese culture and art was apparent from an early age.

He works half weeks as a interim manager and half weeks in his bonsaistudio “TheBonsaiFactory”; wich was founded in 2007; a few years later in 2010 he realised his bonsaishop “”.

Carlos began to take interest in bonsai when he bought a small tree at a local flowershop, this was in 1994. He started to read all the books that where available and joined a local club.

After winnning the European New Talent Competition at Munich/Germany in 1996; he got more and more involved in the bonsaiscene.

All his trees won different National and International Awards; such as like Noelanders, Ginko, Ubi, Certre etc. etc.

He has performed many workshops and demonstrations all over the world; because of his many travels he has refined his technique and knowledge in bonsai.

He likes to work with all specimen, but Yamdori… especially Pines, Spruce and Junipers are his favourite.

He is a member of “Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe”; de Japanese Organisation for Bonsai Artist.

Carlos holds frequently lessons in his studio for small groups, so he can guarantee absolute quality; this way students gain more and more knowledge. Most of his students won already several Prices.

For Carlos bonsai has become a way of life.