In the studio The Bonsai Factory

The studio is seperated in two parts, we have the shop where you can find the coolest stuff and everything you need to maintain your trees and there is the workshop area, there is the tokoname and the working place where we work our trees and conduct our lessons to the students of the BonsaiFactory.

Once a year we welcome a guest to our studio, he will work or give a presentation.

Lessons are given in groups of max 5 students not more more to quarinty absolute quality; this way students gain more and more knowledgeand taught in an informal way, botanic and horticulture knowledge and above creating quality bonsai.

All students have there own goals, we will help you to learn how to gain quality and progress on your trees and work, how to make the right choices and also on raw material how to find the tree in the tree.

Mostly lessons are given in open workshops this means that students provinde their own personal trees, starting new projects, styling, refinement, repotting or furhter develoment or simply talk about bonsai.

Any topic issues on general principles and refinement can be discussed.

These classes are for everyone and generate a great atmosphere.

Learn not just from your own material, but also from your fellow students.

Students of all experience are welcome!